MSN in research or NP? What would you choose?

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I have decided to go back to school for my masters. I am a bit torn as to which degree to pick. I was set on choosing research, but I did have a few people tell me to do NP, because of the flexibility of being able to work in research or another field if I were to choose to do so in the future.

    So my question is.... if you only had your BSN, which would you choose? why or why not?

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  3. by   llg
    I would start by figuring out what type of work I wanted to do in the future. Then I would look at all types of academic programs available and pick the one that best matched the type of work I wanted to do in the future. I would also understand that I might need to pick up some additional courses or credentials over time as the job market might require it. But my core academic degree would be focused on the type of work I wanted to be an expert in and focus on long term in my career.

    For example, if you really want to do NP work ... then go to school for that. You could add a certificate in research later if you wanted a research job. If you want to be a researcher as your primary focus, then get a MSN more focused on research -- or in the clinical area that interests you and then add research credentials. If you want to teach, develop a clinical expertise and add educational credentials ... or get certified in a clinical specialty and an MSN in Nursing Education, etc.

    What type of work do you really want to do in the future? What focus do you want your career to have?
  4. by   ResearchNurseRNCCRC
    Go with NP. Then you can be a principal investigator on a clinical research trial!
  5. by   timewood
    This is a great question and a dilemma I am also facing. I am just trying to break in to research nursing after being a nurse for nearly 12 years. My youngest child has finally left home and I have a chance to focus my time and attention on getting a Masters. I have also wondered if I would be better served going back for an additional bachelors in one of the hard sciences, followed by a Masters in that. Decisions ....decisions....

    I'm in the dark because of my overall ignorance of field. I have found several videos on youtube that I've started binge watching! :-)