How did you start out?

  1. I am curious, how did you get your start in research? What level of education do you have/need? (BSN, ADN, MSN) I am very interested in the field, but all of the positions require 2 years minimum of research. Do most people start on the job and then get certified? Or get certified and then look for a position? I would just hate to invest in more schooling if it is not going to have any jobs at the end of the road. In my area there is a Clinical Research certificate at the local community college which may give me some perspective, but there are also MSN programs.

    Any tips on getting a position that will train an RN? Any companies to look for?
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  3. by   klone
    I just fell into my position. I'm not certified in research, and I only have an ADN. The area of research I'm in is perinatal research, and we have an entire department (4 nurses) that run it. The other nurses have a background in NICU, and as they were getting more L&D protocols, they were looking for another nurse who had a background/strength in L&D to round out their team, and that was my experience, so I got the job. Everything I have learned about clinical research, I've been taught on the job. I do plan on getting my CRC certification at some point (right now I'm finishing my BSN, so that's my focus - I will graduate in December), and I'm planning on enrolling in a Master's program in Clinical Research Management next fall.
  4. by   MagsMom
    where are you going to do the Masters program? That sounds interesting!

    I started out by working in a lab doing when I was in college - when the benchwork went clinical I was the only one proficient enough in english to consent patients!
  5. by   klone
    Quote from MagsMom
    where are you going to do the Masters program? That sounds interesting!
    Arizona State University has an online program.
  6. by   Greymist
    I currently work in medical research for the military. I got into research nursing because I was assigned at my job after completing LPN school through the military. There are those who work here as contractors who are not certified in research as well as DOD civilians. Both LPNs and RNs can obtain the certification as well as work in research field without experience (though it pays less than those with cert. and can be more competative to get the position.) Many of those who work in writing Protocals and Standard Operating Proceedures (SOPs) while the rest of us uncertified do the foot work until we become certified.

    There are 3 places you could try:

    National Cancer Institute. Comprehensive Cancer Information - National Cancer Institute
    Walter Reed National Medical Center WRAIR - Jobs

    You can check out USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site

    You might also look into Contracting Agencies for government. It is kind of like working for a Temp Agency to get your foot in the door and to get the research experience.