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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a nurse working here in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I'm currently doing a masters in CBT but have to complete a core module on pharmacotherapeutics. I'm looking at the drug Lithium and am having difficulties getting info on the original clinical trials done for this drug many years ago or if anyone knows of any present studies being done.My submission date is 05-01-05 so I don't have much time. Cheers Johnathan.
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    You may want to try to actually contact some of the original manufacturers. This drug came out so many years ago...........isn't even under patent...

    Good luck.....
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    I know some of those studies were done at the University of Kansas Health Sciences Center in Kansas City, Kansas...when I worked there (left in 2000) they still had dusty boxes full of the original study documents, which no one would get rid of even though we needed the space and they hadn't been looked at in years. The doc who worked on the studies was even still on staff at that time (although for the life of me I can't remember his name). Their website is and you'll want to contact the Psychiatry Department. I believe the chair is still Dr. Gabrielli. Oh! Just remembered the MD's name -- it's MacKnelly or McKnelly (or something like that).
  5. by   JnJTyson
    They probably won't ever get rid of those boxes...We are beginning a study right now for Novolog 70/30...and part of the rules state that we have to keep the records for a min of 15 years. Since the drug is already on the market, has been tested before...its not as extensive as the original testing they have to who knows...that stuff may need to be kept forever!!

    Maybe the FDA website might have some info on the original company to apply to get Lithium on the market (it was used before the FDA was started..I think) might get you something! =0)

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    Quote from JnJTyson
    They probably won't ever get rid of those boxes...
    I think those studies were done pre-1960s. So no, I don't think they will ever get rid of them (they'll be antiques soon)!

    But the OP could probably do a lit search for McKnelly (MacKnelly? I can't remember the spelling) and find some of the info he is looking for. Alternatively, he can contact KUMC and see if the psychiatry dept. can direct him to some of the literature.