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Research on Employment in Various States

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Hello nurses and future nurses,

I am in my junior year of nursing school in Kentucky and trying to research staters to work in after school but not sure where to start my search. I want to compose various attributes to each state.

I am looking for...

-employment rate

-pay rate

-liability insurance rates

-rates of lawsuits against nurses


Can you tell me what government and state websites I can look at to find these statistic, specifically lawsuits and liability rate?

I am looking to move to Texas, Georgia or Tennesse for the first two years...Then back to the west coast where I am originally from such as Oregon, Washington and then last California.


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I have no idea where you'd find liability and lawsuit information, but I can tell you that between that and employment rate, especially for those educated outside of the state, stay out of CA. CA has a 47% unemployment rate for the first 6-12 months for new grad RNs, and 43% after 18 months. I joke that CA is the "Sue Me State." We have SUCH a litigious population here, unfortunately. Regardless of where you live, you should carry your own Liability Insurance (NSO is the place to check out for that). Pay rate here varies GREATLY. Even in the same area of the state, I've held, interviewed, or seen postings for jobs varying from $14-70/hour.

You can often Google those terms and either the state or city you're interested in and see what comes up.

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Here you go - 2014 multi-factorial survey of best & worst states for nurses. See how easy that was? They did not include liability issues.... and I wonder why you would even want to include this unless you anticipate being a sub-standard clinician. A more relevant measure would be strength & protections of the state's Nurse Practice Act.