what is the requirement to transfer to the nursing program of hunter or binghamton

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:crying2:I do not complete all pre-reqs and currently my GPA is 2.8. I want to transfer to hunter or Binghamton for the nursing program, do I still have chance?

what is the requirement of the program? how many GPA ? how many students could be accepted? Is it competive? Has anyone accepted by these college with low GPA?:crying2:

Well I can only tell you about Hunter. First their GPA is about 3.5 and higher for a cut off. Secondly you can't transfer directly into their nursing program, you have to be a student in their school for at least a semester before you can apply to the nursing program which I believe only accepts people once a year in the fall. It's very competitive, they only take about 80 students total, when hey may have 500-600 pre-nursing students.

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I know that due to budget cuts that SUNY programs are taking less transfer students in their nursing programs. I do not mean tpo be mean but that PA is not competitive enough for SUNY or Hunter. The previous poster is correct. For Hunter you need to be a student at the school first before you are eligible to apply for the nursing program.

I would advise you to retake classes and improve your GPA. So many students are applying for entrace into nursing programs that programs at the public colleges usually only pick those with the highest GPA. Private colleges usually have more room and accept more people however a GPA of 2.8 would not be in your favor.

I got into Binghamton with a 2.85 GPA but I already had a bachelors degree. I applied as a traditional transfer though so I am in the 2 year program. They do have budget cuts, and I had to really work my butt off to get into the program (my last 4 pre-req grades are high and I spoke to a LOT of people), but lately it seems like they have been accepting a lot of people from the surrounding area (community college transfers)..not sure if they have "struck" a deal with local hospitals or not but, I am pretty sure it has diminished the outsiders chances. I think about 60-70% of the class is entirely comprised of transfers from the local area. Strange...

Hunter required you to have a minimum of i believe a 3.0 before applying into the program. have you taken all of your prerequisite classes? You would need to raise your GPA to at least a 3.0 before applying to Hunter but it is still very competitive to get into.

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