Repro Exam Today - Say a prayer


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:eek:I'm taking this monster today at 2:15 and I am terrified. I have only studied about a week and a half so far and I'm reviewing the practice exams again right now. This one terrifies me because I am stupid when it comes to the whole L/D and little people. I think I have the congenital disorders down pretty good its the L/D part that worries me. I'm hoping for a pass but I could use the extra prayers if you got them. Good luck to everyone else taking an exam today.

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i am praying for you to be successful on your exam today. you have studied, you know your material. go to the test site, and take a deep breath, say a prayer or whatever you do to help, and walk in with confidence. sending you powerful prayers, positive vibes and calming thoughts. good luck! traci:)


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I've said a a prayer and even put my hand over your name :). l/d was a tough one for me in lpn school so i know what your feeling. i'm prepared to struggle with that subject when i get to it. you will do fine believe that.