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I've been looking into CNA classes and came across several schools in the Detroit area. It seems there are schools popping up everywhere. Before I pay my money I need to know if any of these schools have a good reputation. Could anyone tell me anything about the following schools:

Greater Horizon Training Instiitute

Genanscot Services

Precise Health Care Training Institute

Hazy Institute of Learning

Career Essentials Learning Center

( I know I spelled reputable wrong, I tried to correct it but it wouldn't let me!):eek:


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why not go try a college, most offer the course


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At the moment I'm taking pre-reqs for nursing and having a certificate for CNA or other qualified medical careers can increase points needed to get into WCCCD's nursing school. I need a program that will take no longer than a months time. Also, I need a job.... why not start as a CNA to give me first hand experience with working with real patients.

The schools I listed in the prior post have CNA programs that will take up to 4 weeks to complete. I just don't know who's reputable and who's not.


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Most college courses that train for CNA that I have come across tend to be a lot more expensive than going through the Red Cross. I did the program recently, it was $900 and they really prepare you well, since a lot of the RNs who train you have actually administered state testing as well so they teach you skills in a way that you will pass!

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WOW $900 for a CNA class!! That is insane!! I am currently taking one in westland through nexcare health systems. They are behind Four Chaplins nursing home which is where you do clinicals. There cost is $675. This also includes your books. You need $400 down. They have day classes 9 to 330 monday through friday which is 3 weeks. They have night classes as well but they are four weeks because the class time is cut short. It's monday through friday 5pm to 10pm.


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I currently attend HealthCare Soultions in Detroit (W. Mcnichols and Greenfield area) 313-270-4550. Tuition is $575 and they have payment plans with just $200 down. I did my research and they're the cheapest. Although they're cheap the quality of the education is great. I got alot of good referrals before I started. Besides the course is only 2wks long (mon-fri 8:30-4:00) but they have night classes also. My last day is friday!

do you know if nexcare has a LPN program?

Yes Nexcare does have an LPN program it is located at Four Chaplains Nursing Home. I think it is on its first class now and another class will start in January.

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Some nursing homes offer their own "free" nursing assistant course in exchange for working there. The Beaumont facilities did this at one time, but I don't know if this is still the case. You might consider checking some of the higher-end facilities in the area to find a reputable program.

Hope this is helpful and good luck!



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How are the health benefits for CNA's?

I picked up some info today from the your school (nexcare) I was thinking about taking the CNA and maybe the LPN. Do you know any students in the program (LPN) and what they may say about it? I was also wondering what you guys think about the fact that they are not accredited? :icon_roll Thank you for your time.


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From your question I decide to get a CNA training and attend Health CARE Solution between fall and spring semister at wcccd. $ 575.00 thank you

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