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This is for anyone who is a repeat test taker for n-clex RN. My husband took the NCLEX 6 times and on the 7th try passed it this Tuesday, here in Texas. Many people would say give up, it's not for you. But that's simply NOT true. First of all, he's already a nurse, an LVN. He made it through one NCLEX, so it stands to reason that he could make it through another. But he definitely suffered with test anxiety. So much so that during one of the tests, the room went dark and he almost passed out!

He went through all the stages of grief it seemed like over not being able to pass. Why could he do so well on the tests at home but not at the center? Then he went through anger, depression, bargaining.....but never acceptance. He could never accept that this wasn't meant to be because most of the tests except one time, he got all 265 questions. That meant near passing...

He went through expensive prep classes (Hurst review and Kaplan) but to no avail. We found out the name of an expert and we believe she helped...her name is Justine Buick MSN, and she specializes in repeat test takers. He Skype with her for several sessions to understand HOW to break down the questions. Then he did UWORLD. After that he was ready. It had been 3 years since he graduated! He only had one year left to pass....

on tuesday morning he went to the Tyler testing center and took his test. He got 95 questions. His last question he got RIGHT. When he called me, we checked the pearsonvuetrick which all six times before had been had always made us pay. It didn't let us pay!! I couldn't believe it!! He was driving back and I was texting him letting him know. He was still hesitant to believe until this morning at 0930 when we saw it post to the BON.

So you may see posts sometimes where people say they don't think someone should be allowed to test that many times. WHY NOT? it's just questions. Those questions do not accurately make you a GOOD nurse. I have been a nurse a long while already and have seen many nurses that have passed their boards on the first try that weren't good at all! So one examination does not define you as a nurse. Be willing to keep learning something new EVERY day.... for none of us can know everything.

Thank you lord that he didn't give up!


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Thank you so much for this post. I did pretty damn good in nursing school, helped half my class prep for the nclex, and then I failed! ? I was very pregnant so I thought it must have been bc I was so uncomfortable but surely I’ll be ok on the next try and another fail! I was devastated and just couldn’t believe it! I spoke to an old professor and she said she believed it was my nerves. I suffer from severe test anxiety, adhd, and a processing disorder. In school, I was given testing accommodations to help. I didn’t realize I could sign up for accommodations for the nclex until after my second fail. I’m going to definitely do so this time around but your advice about Skyping with a professional about how to break the questions down is such great advice! I do so much better with actually looking someone in the face so I can ask questions with teaching. I also tried all the online expensive help and it didn’t work for me. I will definitely be looking someone up to help me and appreciate you sharing your husbands story of never giving up bc I know I’m a damn good nurse too! I love helping people and it’s my dream. I’m just awful at testing that’s all!