Repeat questations on the nclex does that mean u got them right or wrong


I have heard of repeat questions on the nclex is it because they were wrong and there giving u a chance to get them right ?:heartbeat


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I'm not sure....see first I heard what you are saying and then I heard that it's just the way that the pool of questions are coming up. I was always told too answer the question with the same answer if, you were to see it again. I too, would like to know the rationale behind seeing repeat questions on the NCLEX.

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It can mean either. If you get one wrong, it can give you a repeat question on the same topic that is easier, to see if you can answer that one. If you get it right, it can give you another one that is harder, to see if you can answer that correctly. The test tries to put you at a certain "level of difficulty", and then checks that your level is above the passing standard.


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:yeah:i have heard that as well its true really i just retook the pn boards tuesday the 23rd found out i passed on christmas!what a present!but i had a repeat question as well ,it was a select all that apply.i really think they do try to give you another chance.good luck!!

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