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Remar review study plan


Hey guys,

I am going to receive self study remar review next week.

Anyone can help me whats best way to study full 6 weeks.

I was thinking doing contents same time doing u world?

OR should I just focus on Remar review and I have NCLEX mastery too questions.

Thank you for the advices.

I don't have any experience with the review you are speaking about, but I can tell you what worked for me. I graduated 2013... so over three years post graduation with no other medical background (work as a waitress)... I took and passed my NCLEX-RN on the first try! Way back at the end of nursing school, I attended an information session/ teaser type thing for one of these companies that sells high dollar reviews, and received the most valuable information. The instructor said, no matter what program you go with, stick to only ONE main review source. Basically, less is more... but use it completely! A lot of people make the mistake of obtaining an obundance of materials and aren't realistically able to do each one cover to cover... and it's too overwhelming to try to study multiple sources. I have also noticed many posts from repeat test takers that say something to the effect of not understanding why they aren't able to pass since they are using x,y,z materials, and list several. Personally I did over 2000 practice questions online with Saunders 6th edition (a newer version just came out).. I read every single rationale, even if I got it correct. I did most of it in 10 question practice tests, then reviewed the answers immediately. I also sometimes read the questions out loud to whoever was around and we discussed and selected the answers together, lol... my 15 & 8 year old might be able to pass the nclexí ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚... jk... but really that helped a lot! & you'd be surprised because they're dying to know if they picked the right answer, lol. I also watched every YouTube video from the user called registerednursern... many of them multiple times! I swear I had YouTube nursing videos playing continuously in the background at home at all times... but when I was in study mode, I sat and took notes, as if I was in the classroom. There are a few users that were really great, but that's the main one I can remember right now. Honestly by the time I sat for my test Dec. 1, I felt like I knew more than I ever learned in actual nursing school! Statistically I should not have passed this test this go round, especially since my son fell ill and was hospitalized that week, and I also picked up some kind of viral infection...so over three years after graduating, sick as heck, I woke up from a chair in a hospital room next to my son, hardly any sleep... and none of it comfortable... no true focus on studying that week... and went and PASSED my test. Why?.... it was the tons and tons of practice questions really! I swear by it! I had many questions on NCLEX-RN that I wasn't familiar with the content of the question, but practicing and reading the rationales and strategies of so many questions I was able to make it! Anyway that was very long winded, but I hope it helps! Good luck!

Thank you for the reply! I am a repeat test takers. English is my third language every time I take the board I am either near or above passing. I end up getting 265 questions. I just want take a content refresh course also focus on questions and rationales. I have a different bachelors degree I was an honor student but I don't know I have anxiety when I take the exam. I had health issue during this period but now I am back to stay focus and study. My friend who just passed her problem was anxiety and stress. When I get nervous you can't focus and you rush things. I am commit to pass and stay focused this time. I work part time and the job are taking advantage because I am a hard worker and I care so much toward work and patients care. Thanks again for advise and good luck in your career :)