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I just wanted to share my opinion about one of my NCLEX reviews. I am very glad that I bought Remar review self-study package. It came with 8 hours of DVD lectures and content matching book. It included a Quick Facts book that is composed of a highly concentrated information. Even though I have already spent so much money on other reviews, I am glad I did not mind purchasing Remar review. I think this review was very easy to understand and gave me a chance to summarize what I have learned previously. My money was truly well spent.


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hi Lana, did it help you answer priority questions?


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Thank you! I was really hesitant to buy it. I haven't yet. But last week I ask Regina (Remar Review teacher) by her Facebook page a lot of Q'. And she gently answered me 5min later!!! All my q'. And even send me a example of all of her materials!. Nice. I'm just saving money to buy the review. ;)


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I have not done the majority of questions yet. I am still reviewing a content.


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Hi. Have you taken the exam already? What other review materials have you had before? Goodluck


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Hi Lanna, So I am looking for feed back on the RemarReview. I am glad that your experience was a positive one. I am graduating in May and want to start preparing for boards ASAP. Please email me at and put allnurses as your subject. thanks.