Relocation question


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Can someone shed some light on the application process for texas....employment process....Is it better to have a texas RN license already registered with the TBON?...I have heard from both ends that Texas provides temporary licenses until you get the official license but then I was also told to get the license and if you have someone in the area that lives locally to use their address to have a better chance of landing an interview? this true?...opinions, suggestions welcomed! ...I am seriously considering moving to texas either suburbs outside of houston or Dallas...but i dont want to make ANY moves without getting a job offer...thanks in advance!

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Yes - it's much better to already have a Tx license & local address. Right now, there is such a surplus of applicants for every job in the metro areas & employers are not likely to wait on any one until they can get licensed. I believe that jobs for experienced nurses may be a bit more available in Houston than in the DFW area due to continuous population growth & new facilities opening.

However, if you are experienced in a 'high demand' or 'hard to fill' area, they are likely to make exceptions for you -- maybe even help with relocation.

Best of luck!