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I have been reading these posts for months, and have learned a tremendous amount. I am finally at a point in my schooling that I can start to look for an RN position.

I will graduate in early Dec 2005; unfortunately there is not a huge nursing shortage where I live (SW Wash), at least not for new grads. So, I am looking to California hospitals due to their good new grad internship programs (I am wanting to do LDRP).

I realize that the cost of living is much higher there as compared to here, and am prepared for that, but my problem is that I am currently not working and living on my financial aid but, that will not be enough to move on.

I have applied on-line to several hospitals--a few in SD area, few in LA area and few in SF area, just to get some options to compare.

I can see from many posts here that a lot have you have relocated. So, here are my questions: how much assistance do the hospitals give you? What about living arrangements when you first arrive? Did you have relatives there, or lined up apt before you moved, or were the hospitals helpful in securing an apt? Did you stay at motel until you had enough money to rent?

I know the first response is to "ask the recruiter", but I wanted to ask here to just get some ideas on what to expect and what help is negotiable.

UCLA offers up to $1500. but it is only to be used for airfare, gas, u-haul, or personal shipping and looks like I will need to pay for all this and then turn in receipts for reimbursement, but what apt living arrangements?

I will appreciate any advice from you all, thank you



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I know from reading these posts all these months, that there are at least a few of you who have relocated to California.... Is there no one that has suggestions on what I can negotiate with the hospitals down there?

Thanks again.


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Relocation assistance is going to be on supply and demand. Usually in that field, more nurses than positions, so the bonus may not be as great.

Many that have come to California have done so as a traveller, where living expenses are covered, but you need experience before you can do that. You will probably have better luck with some of the smaller cities as far as getting a position in that area. There are hospitals that are offering $4,000 to about $10,000 bonus, but again those are usually not in the LDRPs. More for telemetry type units and night shift.

Also, be aware that bonuses are usually not payments 100% up front, but paid so much every few months, and they are heavily taxed.

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If you have a contract where they made the promises in writing, then by law, they need to honor the agreement. You need to contact an attorney, as that contract is a legal and binding agreement.

Also, if relocation packages or bonuses sound too good to be true, they usually are. First, they are not normally paid in one sum, but over the length of the contract before you will see the entire thing. There are some facilities here in the state that are offering $10,000 bonus for a three year contract, but many nurses are leaving after only three months, so please be very careful before you sign on the dotted line.

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