Relocating to St. Louis, which neighbourhood?


hi missourians,

I accepted a position at a hospital in belleville IL.

I want to live in st. louis near gateway station but no more than a 20-30 minute drive to belleville. Can anyone recommend a decent apartment building or neighbourhood that would make this possible.

I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment

thank you


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With traffic depending on what kind of hours you work, it will most likely be at least a 30min drive to Belleville from most parts of St. Louis (especially with all the road construction lately). I do not know all the STL neighborhoods well, I do however live in Illinois and in the area.


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We live in South St Louis County. It is about a 30 minute drive across the Mississippi River to get to Belleville. My friend just took a job there and said the traffic is not bad at all. The zip codes you probably want to consider would be 63128,63129,63123...rents would be lower in 63123. I lived in an apartment off Tesson Ferry Road in 63128. It was about 800.00 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment. They are offering 2 free months rent now.. That rent was about 5 years ago though. Might be better to live in Belleville..cheaper rents


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Crestwood. It's pretty central to a lot of highways. I think it takes about 30 min to get from Belleville. 1 bdrm 650 sq ft, central air, mini dishwasher, pets allowed with one time pet deposit of 100 or 200 (can't remember which), dog park, pool, clubhouse, community laundry mat, right near stores and restaurants. And it's a safe area. Rent is $525/mo. The complex is Forest View. It's worth looking into!

Here is a link I found for you:

Forest View Apartments Apartments For Rent in Saint Louis, Missouri - Apartment Rental and Community Details -

Hope it helps!


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Rent is even cheaper in Belleville, Swansea and Fairview Heights and you get a lot more. In addition, Illinoisians do not pay personal property tax for vehicle registration, Missourians do. If you buy a new car, have a late model car or more than one car, registering a car can be very pricey. I'd suggest living in Illinois and commuting to St. Louis for entertainment, rather than vice versa.