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Relocating for nursing job


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Have you relocated in search of a nursing job opportunity? From where to where?

When I first graduated from nursing school (long, long ago :)), I was interested in a specific clinical specialty but knew that none of the hospitals in the big city in which I lived and attended school would hire new grads into specialties -- they all required the (at that time) standard minimum two years of med-surg. A friend of a friend who knew of my interest got word to me that a small community hospital in a rural community in another part of the state had an opening in my specialty, so I applied, interviewed and got the job. I moved three hours away, to an area I had visited briefly a few times, but where I basically knew no one and had no connections. >25 years later, I left that job after a few years and have had many other jobs since then, but I still live in the same rural area I moved to fresh out of nursing school (because I like living here so much).

JeanettePNP, MSN, RN, NP

Specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy. Has 8 years experience.

I really underestimated how tough it was out there for new grads... it is tough ACROSS THE COUNTRY. There really is no place where a new grad can easily find work, even in more rural areas. I am applying to hospitals all over that are offering new grad residencies and so far haven't heard back from anyone. I honestly don't want the headache and expense of relocating... I hope something turns up close to home.


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I'm in South FLA and Im moving an hr away from home, mostly bc its a night position and an hr drive after a shift is unsafe IMO and my lil car can't make the constant drive anyways. I'm not comfortable taking the train/bus that far/long and the area honestly makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'm used to ppl looking at me weird (IDK why) but its excessive there...and it's not bc I'm brown..everyone else is brown too. Its a crime filled area so I wouldnt want to wear my scrubs or carry a big bag with my scrubs to change at work. I like that its an under served area but I constantly find myself looking over my shoulder.

I had to sign a three year contract, no sign on bonus, no weekend diff with mandatory 2wknd/mo. But it's a good hospital, and it's a job! I'll make enough to save some money and when the time is right move on...but I hope I will like it there as much as I think I will. I found a little efficiency on a queit street with lots of older ppl/retirees/etc and its really affordable: $650/mo inclusive of light, water, cable and internet and in south florida that's great!