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angel0309 said:
I wish I could give this comment 100 likes. Preach!

Not for nothing, but I'm a Christian and I totally agree with everything you're saying. It's just like when someone makes a broad statement about white people being racist, only those who are feeling guilty take offense.

To everyone one who is upset about what he's saying: If you're not one of the Christians who force their beliefs into everyone else-through politics or otherwise-then why are you so damn upset?

Thank you. I really don't mind.


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FacultyRN said:
Almost always, ectopic pregnancies implant in a fallopian tube. They can also implant in ovaries, cesarean scars, or abdominal cavities, although those cases are rare. As the fetus grows, it can literally tear through/rupture the attachment site, resulting in massive internal bleeding.

A good history and physical assessment can help an OB or ER nurse identify which patients have a high likelihood of ectopic pregnancy so they can advocate for expedited diagnostic testing (ultrasound).

Common risk factors include a history of PID, tubal ligation, or previous ectopic, current use of an IUD, and smoking. Presenting symptoms often include unilateral lower abdominal pain (the side where the pregnancy has implanted) and spotting. Some women experience referred right shoulder pain, and unfortunately, sometimes the first symptom is loss of consciousness.

Is there any case that when an ectopic pregnancy is discovered the woman needs an emergency abortion?

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