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Rejecting an interview

by JBonc JBonc (New) New Nurse

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working as a BMT/oncology RN in the bedside setting and am looking to transition into the outpatient setting. I had recently been invited to do a phone interview at an institution that is more specialized in my field. However, it was for a position that I wasn't interested in. I was planning on interviewing for it anyways just to get more information because you never know, right? Well, while applying for more positions to that same hospital I saw on my dashboard that the recruiter had removed me from the position I was originally interviewing for in and put me in for a position that I didn't even apply to (and definitely do not want) but will apparently now be interviewing for.

I don't want to waste anyone's time but I don't want to burn bridges either. Should I continue on with the phone interview and then let the recruiter know I'm not interested or should I just decline the interview outright? If so, what is a polite way to do so? Right now, I'm interested in getting into an infusion center (my application is still under review) at this facility so I don't want them to remove me as a candidate from further positions because I declined their prior interview.

Thanks for your advice in advance. Let me know if this was confusing or if you need more information because English is not my first language!

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If you truly are not wanting to work there or interested, do not waste people's time. There is probably someone desperately wanting it out there who would better be served with that opportunity. I would call HR and ask why you were removed from consideration to the original one you wanted. Maybe it has been filled? Maybe you are not qualified?

If you decide you would accept this position if offered then go for it.

Good luck!

You can reject the interview and remind the recruiter about your original interest in the other job; no bridges burned. I’ve come across a few recruiters lately who’ve been playing the same game.


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OP - your post was very clear to me. For you with English as a 2nd language, you composed the post very well.

Off the topic, I know.