Rejected from a Nurse Aide job.

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I just got rejected and denied from a Nurse Aide job that I wanted. I am going to be honest and say that it is a bit discouraging and that's why I came here to this forum.

I am currently 18 years old and undergoing my freshman year in a university. I am majoring in Nursing. I really wanted a job in the medical field and I thought that being a Nurse Aide would be perfect.

Since I got denied, my question is what can I do to increase my qualifications? The hospital said that I meet the requirements but they are looking for applicants who have more relevant qualifications.

I have the GPA and the scholarships but I suppose I should start working on volunteering and building up my work experience?

Please help me!

Ask your department when/if you can sit for your CNA. Sometimes it's allowed after you complete your first semester of nursing classes with clinical. I am gathering you don't already have your CNA. Often, hospitals will begin to see you as having something to offer when you are a bit farther along in school.

Other than that it's the economy. Everybody seems to have an excuse to be picky.

Another option could be a job as a patient sitter. In the future once you have your foot in the door at the hospital and they see how dependable you are you can apply for a tech or nursing assistant position.

Hospitals tend to have the pick of the crop when it comes to CNA employees. You should have better luck if you apply at a long term care facility. But even those places are more difficult to get work at lately. The economy is hitting hard everywhere.

Many people are competing for jobs and so many facilities can wait to for a more ideal candidate to apply - such as someone with specific tried-and-true experience in the role as opposed to someone without experience who may or may not prove to be good at the job.

Keep applying for nurse aide jobs that you qualify for. It's not uncommon to have to apply for several jobs before getting any offer. Sometimes landing a job is a matter of luck, but to get lucky you have to play the game - that is keep applying for jobs.

Working as a nurse aid is a great experience but do know that is its own job that is just one small part of what nurses are responsible for. Aides usually are focused on assisting with hygiene and activities of daily living (bathing, linen changes) and don't get involved with medical issues beyond taking vital signs and reporting problems to the nurse. Some aides have extra training and responsibility for blood draws, ECGs, etc. These aides may be called Patient Care Technicians or something like that.

Some places (nursing homes, Red Cross) may offer certified nursing assistant programs that could be a good investment for you both in terms of increasing odds of being hired as a NA as well as just being good training and a chance to practice providing first hand care.

Other nursing-relevant roles/training to keep an eye out for might be phlebotomist, unit secretary, and monitor tech.

Meanwhile volunteering could be a good option for the experience and as a resume builder, as well as getting to know people in a facility that may hire you in the future. Try to get a volunteering position that has you working in clinical areas (ie not the gift shop).

You're just starting out and have many opportunities ahead of you. Don't give up with one rejection!

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