1. What are the average nurse to patient ratios for all of you on inpatient rehab?
    (where I work, we're between 1:6 to 1:10, depending on staff and the census...)
    danke shoen
    --Barbara, LPN
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  3. by   eternal student
    We work on 4.0 HPPD which usually works out to 1:5 or 6 depending on acuity.
    Our unit cares for people with acute stroke or geriatric assessment, orthopaedic, neurological rehabilitation.
    It's just the same in Australia- shortages of staff and funds!
  4. by   Rehabnurz
    I work on a 16 bed rehab unit, and just love it. During each shift we normally have 2 RN's, because we are located away from the main hospital. During the Day Shift
    With a censis of 12-14 we have 2RN's and 3 Rehab tech's
    or 3 RN's and 2 " "
    6-11 we have 2 RN's and 2 " "
    5 " " 2 RN's only
    The funny thing is we are supposed to be staffed by acuity :^(
    But we are really staffed by pt. numbers.
  5. by   daisymae
    Okay...from Arizona, here goes...... As a RN, our staffing ratio for 3-11 shift= 1 RN/24 patients. Yes...WOW ! We do have overlapping staff. So we frequently wind up with 2 RN's plus other staff. But the potential is there for 1:24. As the RN, we work with LPN's and techs, but we have to cover the LPN's, sign off orders, handle usual charge nurse stuff, and talk with staffing office. Personally, I can go to 1:8 AND cover the LPN's too. Not for the wimps I tell you. We frequently have heavy patients and are staffed for numbers. If someone has an acuity form, I haven't seen it.
    Typical numbers are:
    3-11 (my shift)
    3 pts= 1 rn
    4 pts= 1 rn 1 tech
    8pt= 1 rn, 1 lpn, 1 tech
    13 pts= 1 rn, 1 lpn, 2 techs
    17 pts= 1 rn , 2 lpn , 2 techs
    >23 pts= 1 rn , 2 lpn , 3 techs

    Can still be only 1 rn. Scary.......... We only have 20 rehab beds, so the rest are overflow medical beds (+7). Our manager does usually get separate staff for the medical beds. Or we freak. Not any better in Arizona, for sure. But our State Board of Nursing has a staffing ratio. Of course it's 1:40. And still be held to a standard of care for each patient. I haven't figured that one out yet. Well, that's all from me for now. See ya round..Daisymae
  6. by   daisymae
    By the way, "Eternal Student", do your numbers include a unit clerk or does the 4.0 acuity just cover patient care nursing hours? Daisymay
  7. by   PooterPT
    our ratios are pretty good. 1 nurse & 1 aide for 12 pts with a charge nurse & unit secreary & a float nurse - this is for day and evening shifts. Night shift does not have a float, unit secretary, and the charge usually has to take a team.
  8. by   auntcharsattic1
    I'm in AZ. On my 3-11 shift on our hall we have 26 pts to 1 RN, 2 LPN,
    3 CNA. It usually works well unless, we have alot of discharges and admits at the same time (which does happen).
  9. by   Patti 2nd gen RN
    Days:4 or 5 nurses (a least one RN) for 40 pts/ 4-5 techs--sometimes a med aide, unit secretary works 10a-6p
    Eves:4 nurses (at least one RN) for 40 pts--occasional med aide--4-5 techs
    Nights:3 nurses (at least one RN) and 3-4 techs for 40 patients
    UNLESS: there are call outs or no-call-no shows
    QUESTION: How much agency do you folks use?--Do your managers do floor work when staffing is critical, or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and get told to "handle it"---Are people fired for being no-call no-shows, or just pacified? We used to fire them, now they just use their names on the scheduele to look good, even when they know there is more than a 50/50 shot they won't show up?
  10. by   TREY8
    I'm in Georgia.
    Our usual patient ratio for days (12 Hour shifts) is 4-5pts. per RN. With each CNA having 4-5pts.
    Staffing is based on acuity. I work in a spinal cord injury and Aquired Brain Injury Hospital. The Staffing also includes a Unit Secretary and a Charge Nurse.
  11. by   weesyanne
    Where I work, the ratio for days is 1:4 and for nights is 1:6 or 7 sometimes. We normally have that same ratio for techs as well. Sometimes it's OK and sometimes it's really bad with this ratio.
  12. by   Surgicell
    Hi all. Asst Manager of a 44 Bed SubAcute Rehab here in Western NY. Census this eve was 41, and I did 1 admission to make 42. I have 2 staff nurses (LPN and/or RN, whomever they could coerce to come in), and I work as the Mgr and Desk Nurse (umm, 2 seperate positions, btw), while doing my admission, of course. =) Gotta love health care in NY. lol
  13. by   sofaraway04
    for early shift the ratio is usually 1 Rn 1 HCA for 8-10 patients
    for the late shift it's 1 Rn and 1 HCA for 12-13 patients
    for night shift it's 2 RN's and 1 HCA for 26 patients
  14. by   lvs2nrs3535
    I work evenings, 3-11:30, ratio is 7-9 patients, depending on acuity. Run my butt off from start to finish, but with good planning, it is awesome. Love the job.

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