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  1. eternal student

    Interview questions

    Hi Gail I am a nurse practice co ordinator in Australia. I have used scenario questions often when interviewing nurses of all levels. I usually incorporate all aspects of the selection criteria eg- You may ask about a patient who has recently com...
  2. I manage a 28 bed rehabilitation unit with a 6 bed acute stroke unit in Brisbane Australia.It is a great unit with happy staff. As many of you will agree rehabilitation nursing is a very special field of nursing and brings great rewards, however we a...
  3. eternal student

    Patient falls

    Hi, I am a nurse practice co ordinator of a rehab unit in Australia. We benchmark our falls rates at below 1%.Mostly it is achievable with a lot of strategies.I think our rate is higher than medical wards too. Hope it helps.
  4. eternal student


    We work on 4.0 HPPD which usually works out to 1:5 or 6 depending on acuity. Our unit cares for people with acute stroke or geriatric assessment, orthopaedic, neurological rehabilitation. It's just the same in Australia- shortages of staff and fu...
  5. Dear everyone I am a nurse practice coordinator of a rehabilitation unit in Australia. I would appreciate hearing any innovative models of nursing care for rehab patients. Also any ideas re innovative shift start/ stop times to maximise staffing le...
  6. Hello everyone There has indeed been quite a substantial increase in the number of TB patients treated in our hospital. Many patients are immigrants from third world countries who had not been diagnosed before coming to Australia. It poses a great ...
  7. I am a nurse practice coordinator for a rehab unit in Brisbane Australia. I would love to hear of any effective models of nursing care for rehab patients. Our nursing hours per patient day is 4.0. We have a mixture of RN's and EN's, who are medic...