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Just curious as to what nurse to patient ratios are like in your acute rehab settings? Also, how do you feel about the ratio?... Read More

  1. by   kristine_bean
    I work in inpatient rehab. We get a lot patients that no one else would take because we're expected to offload the hospital that frequently goes on diversion. We're the only rehab in our area that will take a pt on peritineal dialysis. We have a lot of tube feeds, iv antibiotics, and wound Vacs. And when a patient gets sick we don't get to send them away in an ambulance. We call a rapid response and a team of people assess the situation, many times the pt will stay on our unit because they say we can manage them. Usually only new stroke, PE, MI or need for telemetry monitoring will move them to another unit. With all that being said our ratios are usually 6 to 1 and you can expect to do 2-3 discharges and admits every day with staff of 3 nurses and 3 CNAs if we're adequately staffed.. a huge difference I notice with staffing ratios and doability is the burden of EMR/eMARs vs paper charts. They each have their benefits but computerized everything is a huge time sucker.
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