Is there a masters program for Rehab Nursing and where?

  1. Anyone with the answer to the above question please hit back with a post.
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  3. by   disher
    Maybe you could post your question in the American Rehab Nurse's listserv. I think I read in a rehab nursing journal that there are nurses with masters in rehab nursing, who are members of the listserv. The URL is (click on electronic mailing list to join the listserv)
    You may also want to look in a guide to nursing programs, such as Peterson's Guide to Nursing Programs: Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Education in the U.S. and Canada. Princeton, NJ: Peterson's Guides. or National League for Nursing. Annual Guide to Graduate Nursing Education. New York, National League for Nursing
    Keep us posted if you find out anything.
  4. by   Quickbeam
    I just got my ARN newsletter....they stated that there are no longer any Master's Degree programs in Rehabilitation Nursing. Or words to that effect. They are dropping efforts to seek advance practice status for Master's prepared Rehab nurses.