Discharge Celebrations/Recognition

  1. Does your facility or unit have any type of celebration for patients who are discharging?

    For example, I worked at an IPR that would give what we called an Eagles wing celebration (It has local significance) for each discharging patient who wanted one. It is a small 2 to 3 minute opportunity for the patient to say good bye to their treatment team and for the team to recognize the culmination of the patient's hard work.

    We announce eagles wing celebration over the PA system and all available staff line the hallway and clap for them. They get a card signed by the staff. Everyone says goodbye and the patient leaves. There are always happy moments and often tears. Staff and patients alike love having this opportunity to say goodbye.

    I currently work at a facility that does not have any recognition ceremony on discharge day.

    At my current facility, each employee is asked to get involved in a project and I think this is the one I'd like to do, but I'd like to gather some info first.

    What, if anything does your unit or facility do for your discharging patients? Please be detailed.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I worked at a rehabilitation hospital for six years. On discharge day (D-Day), staff rang a large brass bell as the patient exited the floor to go home. Congratulations and well wishes were verbalized to the discharging patient.

    Also, a patient reunion event took place at the rehab hospital every few months.
  4. by   RNikkiF
    That sounds awesome! So, someone rings the bell and everyone comes to say goodbye?

    We have some late d/c's, after staff has gone home for the day, so I'm trying to figure out how to handle those. Idk... maybe something earlier in the day?
  5. by   RehabMelbourne
    Inspirational and awesome. Well done. That initiative is so patient focused