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  1. Any ideas? How do we educate patients with a cognitive impairment about falls prevention? Are falls rate has increased to 10 a month.
  2. RehabMelbourne

    Rehab Clinical Documentation Guide

    Help Needed Does anyone know of a good Rehab Clinical Note guide? Something that fits the speciality? Could you please point me in the right direction.
  3. Hi All HELP NEEDED Does anyone know of a good documentation guideline for progress noted. One that will work in a rehab setting. We get pressured to use a acute model (Head to Toe or Systems approach) and that doesn't really work. I would love your ideas Thanks Rehab Melbourne
  4. RehabMelbourne

    Discharge Celebrations/Recognition

    Inspirational and awesome. Well done. That initiative is so patient focused
  5. Just wondering what the best time is to remove an indwelling catheter? We currently take them out at 06:00 hrs. Just wondering what other people do?
  6. RehabMelbourne

    Falls on way to bathroom

    Thanks for response. My boss has asked me to try and reduce the numbers. I work on a Stroke and Ortho Rehab unit.
  7. RehabMelbourne

    Falls on way to bathroom

    Any ideas. Falls usually urinary urgency related and occur overnight. I would like to stop them.
  8. RehabMelbourne

    Nursing Care Plans

    Any ideas about a good nursing care plan. Should I include FIMS. Happy for any idea