Anyone seen the movie "Murderball"?

  1. It's a documentary about a wheelchair rugby team where all the members have varying degrees of quadriplegia, except for one who is a quadruple amputee due to meningitis at age 9. It aired on AETV a few years ago but I didn't see it then; I just got it from Netflix.

    Overall, it's quite good but in the DVD extras, it's revealed that all of the men who became "quads" as adults, at one point during their rehabilitation, had sexual contact with at least one of their nurses while in rehab. I have heard this elsewhere.

    Is this really true? I would think that nurses could get in some big trouble if they were caught doing, um, anything with a patient.
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  3. by   zena231
    I would rather think that is not the case. I definitely would not get involved with a patient (or anyone else for that case as I 'm already married). It is a violation of the relationship we are supposed to have with the patients.
  4. by   elkpark
    I saw it -- it's a great movie, and certainly gives you a different perspective on physical disabilities.

    Of course, I can't vouch for the accuracy of their comments about getting involved with nurses who provided care for them, but that sort of thing certainly does happen (despite it being a serious violation of professional boundaries and ethics). There are a few bad apples in every barrel!

    Many years ago, I worked in a 28-day residential drug & alcohol rehab program, and it was well-known among the staff that the nurse manager of the program (a middle-aged woman -- "old enough to know better," you would think) had a long history of repeatedly becoming, umm, "romantically involved" with men (clients) she met in the program. I didn't witness this myself during the time I worked in the program, but had no reason to doubt the truthfulness of the longer-term staff who had witnessed it personally (reportedly, it was not uncommon to see her in the local grocery store and other places around town with her current "flame"/former client). Needless to say, these relationships always turned out badly ... :uhoh21:
  5. by   TheCommuter
    During my time in rehab nursing, I personally know of no nurses who became romantically involved with the deconditioned patients. I honestly wouldn't have wanted to be "intimate" with any of the male patients that I cared for!
  6. by   AMR21
    I don't really have a comment on the relationship issue but on the sport.
    i am good friends with several of the guys who are on the columbus, ohio team and have gone to many practices/tournaments. they might just be the most hardcore people i know. i think everyone should check wheelchair rugby out
  7. by   1studentnurse
    I think this is a big deal, because, if I recall correctly, most of the folks in this movie are younger guys. Of course, sex is a big deal.

    Now, I look at the age bracket, and I don't always believe the stories. Do I think it's possible? Yes, it is. Could they have had sex with xx number of nurses? Sure.

    Could they be BS'ing me about the numbers, just like any other guy? Sure could!

    I think anyone could be attracted to a patient, but the rules of engagement in most workplaces say no to dating the current clients. I've worked outside hospitals and this is often the case, too, because it poses conflicts of interest.

    It's not something I ever plan on doing! I'd like to be a nurse for a long time and keep my nice license, thank you very much!
  8. by   mrslaj
    I just had to laugh when I saw the title of this post because I just knew what the comment would be about! I saw this movie several years ago when it first came out & was shocked by the whole sex thing too.

    On a related note -- my fiance was in a car accident in his late twenties, broke his neck & back. He pent five months in rehab. When I brought this subject up he started laughing and admitted to having sex with two of his nurses. It really does happen!!
  9. by   seemerun
    Whaaat?!?!? Are you kidding me? I have worked with SCI patients and I do know that they can be quite charming (read:manipulative), but would never in a million years consider sexual contact.
    Exactly how does one do this? Just hop up on the bed and hope no one walks in? Or do they take a patient for a "walk"/WC ride and find some unused stairwell? Totally unprofessional - and a hospital setting is about the grossest place I can think of to have sex in.