Advice for a ortho/surg nurse moving to rehabilitaion nursing.

  1. So...I will give a quick background of what has been going on to whomever hasn't been following my previous posts. About a month ago I accepted a position with my employer as an Infusion nurse. Every 4th holidays and weekend. Gave my notice to my manager, everything was set...or so I thought. About 4 days after I accepted the position, the nursing recruiter informs me that they are no longer hiring and my offer is being revoked. Well, this really crushed my spirit. I am married with 2 kids. Have been on night shift for almost 2 yrs, opposite schedule of my husbands, dealing with depression, and then that news was just icing on the cake to ignite my depression even more. Well, since then I have made an appointment with a counselor...have not seen yet and as of today, I accepted a day position at a rehabilitation facility. Still every other weekend and holiday, but I will be working 3 12's 6-630pm. Cannot complain about the schedule bc I will be home nightly with my family, making more money, AND being a normal human again Just wondering for those that work rehab, how do you like it??? I will have 7-8 pts ( which is what I have on nights, sometimes with an aide), lpn's and aides to help. Pts are gone for 3 hrs a day for therapy. Doesn't seen too bad, but just looking for advice.
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  3. by   decotes
    I don't really have too much experience, I'm a new grad on a pedi rehab floor and this is my first week, but I want to wish you the best of luck!
  4. by   MrsJt
    Thank you!
  5. by   Alma 3323
    I really enjoy rehab. If you complete the various chartings throughout the day you'll feel great about your work. Braden s and sepsis screens by 9am, assessment s by noon, education and FIMs by 5 and care plans and note by 6pm. Of course med passes and cbgs as ordered. The time suckers are toileting and problem solving with dietician s, therapy and your CNAs. A sharp active cna is essential. You will get so much satisfaction watching you patient s get active again.

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