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Well on the side of EPS and reactions. They claim the rate of administration of compazine is the cause for the reactions. However, I used to put it in 100cc of nss over 20-30 minutes.

It didnt change it at all. Still had a quite a few.

It was common also because, we used compazine for migraines also. Excpet for the chronic migrainers that claimed allergies to evrything in the world except demerol.


I don't have a clue about the speed of administration theory but I'll tell you IV compazine made me crazy. I had this compulsion to keep moving and it was horrible! I truly thought I'd lost my mind. Thank God for Cogentin. And though it may not truly be an allergy, you can bet I list it as one so I never get that awful stuff again.


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over the years i've seen some really bad reactions to reglan, espically when pushed too fast. Saw a woman stand up on her stretcher screaming at her husband wanting to know who that strange man was! It was standard practice in my er to mix the reglan with 50cc ns and hang over 10 minutes or longer, afterall, who has time to stand at a pt's bedside and give a push over 10 minutes. Now because of JHACO, we are not allowed to inject anything in to a bag and give the drug slowly. I am able to push the med, but not put in in a bag....what kind of sense does that make? But that is another rant.

when was this banned per JHACO?

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