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So i did the registration and paid the fee of $200 online at pearson vue. And I had to do the state BON registration by mail, as they dont have an online option. I also did that by credit card- for $225. Now when my father in law got his statement(since i used his card) it said they each took $200(mass BON should have taken 225)! I know that mass. BON is $225 and I am pretty sure thats what I put on the paper, actually 100% sure i did so why would they only take 200 out? I really hope that this doesnt delay my registration- the money was in there(its debit). I just called the BON and no one answered- I dont know what to do- I hope it is a reading mistake on my father in laws part, because i really need to take this. I just got a request to set up an interview and i would like to be able to say when my testing date is. This is very frustrating! and i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if anyone has any advice?:confused:


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oh and i forgot to say, I provided an email address to pearson, so thats how they will communicate with me. I should recieve a confirmation of it going through, which i havent yet, and the money got taken out a few days ago. I want to say i mailed in the application the end of last week i think(dont remember what day exactly)as i have been so busy! how long does a confirmation normally take?

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