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Hello! I have recently moved permanently to australia and am about to start looking for work :nurse: In the UK I was a member of the Royal college of nursing.....which organisation should I join here and what will it cover me for/ services it will provide??

I'm looking foreward to working ... bit scared though!! :chair:

Thank you!!


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I would stay with the Royal College of Nursing. Here is their web site for here.

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It is almost mandatory in some places to be a memeber of either the ANF or the QNU if in QLD. The links are in the sticky thread at the top of this forum.


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Hi. The Royal College of Nursing, Australia is a wholly professional body - its focus is on advancing professional practice and career development. Membership benefits include a regular newspaper, a quarterly (I think) magazine, and membership rates with a variety of services (including accomodation and personal loans). Membership for registered nurses is $317 per annum, or $27.50/month, and is tax-deductible

The Australian Nursing Federation (Queensland Nurses Union) has a dual focus - in addition to professional development, it coordinates industrial action and monitors industrial issues. Benefits include a monthly magazine, professional indemnity insurance, legal advice, and membership rates with a variety of services (including loan services and cinema tickets). Membership varies according to level of practice (Div 1/3/4, 2, assistant in nursing, associate [on maternity or other extended leave]), whether you're full- or part-time, and which state you're in. Fees are tax-deductible.

Deciding which to go with depends primarily on what you're looking for in a professional affiliation. If your focus is on education and development, particularly in academia, RCNA is a good choice. If you're interested in representation as well as a more clinical focus, ANF may be your best bet. Alternatively, you can be a member of both organisations, as I am. Good luck!

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