Registered Nursing or Sonography?!?

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Hello Everyone!

I am currently attending a community college for pre-radiology or pre-nursing and will be finished with my pre-reqs for either degree this spring. I am looking for some advice from Registered Nurses or anyone that has information on Sonography, i know this is a nursing forum, so if not, that's fine. But I really need some nursing advice.

I was going to get my Associates in Radiology and then transfer to a University to get my Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. But recently, I was looking to see what jobs there are and the ONLY job I found for Ultrasound, was a PRN (as needed, no schedule) positon at both our local hospitals. When I graduate, I would need something more full time to pay off student loans and don't want to be without a job after graduation.

So that got me thinking about Registered Nursing, which I think I would really like. But I always thought nursing wouldn't be something I could handle so that's why I always chose Radiology. I think the part I'm scared I couldn't handle is cleaning up feces and stuff like that.

I would like to have some advice from a Nursing Student and/or Registered Nurses. What are the courses like and what is it like for Registered Nurses once they are working at a hospital. What are clinicals like? And how much harder are the nursing courses compared the A&P I and A&P II.

In A&P I and A&P II, I made a "B" in both courses and in Nursing Math, I made an "A". However, currently I am in Chemistry and have been struggling with it. Currently my average is a 78.91% which is a "C" and only 1.09% from a "B" but we are only half way through the semester. Do you think I could handle the nursing courses and clinicals?

Sorry for the long post.. I'm just sooooo confused as to what field to choose! :confused:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance! :)


I, to, struggled with this. I think theres dirty work involved with both. Doing ultrasounds, you might be in the situation of having to clean someone up. And I think ultrasound is almost as invasive as a nurse. Do you know where the probe can enter? I just think your heart has to be in 100% either way you go. I think it takes a very compassionate and empathetic to be a nurse. Instead of thinking...ill I dont wanna clean someones feces off of them.... you have to think....I gotta hurry and get this off of them b/c tgey have got to be so uncomfortable.

Well, it's really not wise to base your career decision on the current economic state.

Just as there are few Sonography positions, there are few nursing positions (for new grads.)

I was in the Sonography program and transferred to nursing because I like the different areas in the medical field I can work in. But I still find sonography interesting and I don't think I would've been unhappy to stay in the program. But the program by me has a 3 freaking year wait list, then another 2 years before you graduate after you get in, so that's a no go for me.

The courses vary by program. My school offers both programs and the courses are similar.

Also, make sure the sonography program is accredited by the

I thought about sonography at first, mainly because I was afraid I was freaked out by nursing math. However, the fact there are only two schools who offer it in a 60 mile + radius changed my mind. There were only 13 spots at one of the schools and about 20 at the other. I didn't figure I had a chance with such small numbers and such a large area. I really haven't seen many programs for it at all. I think I could have been pretty happy doing it but I also question whether spending my career in the dark would have been good for me. It's ok though. It put me right back on the track of what I always knew I really wanted to do anyway.

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