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  1. east2010

    Delaware Psychiatric Center interview

    Thank you. I applied on Fri and didn't know how the process was. I am hoping to get a call back and an interview. Again, thank you for your reply
  2. east2010

    Delaware Psychiatric Center interview

    Hi. I am wondering how your interview went. I just recently applied and was wondering about the process. I appreciate it!!
  3. east2010


    I say the same thing about not being prepared to be a nurse in such a short period of time and feel my school won't prepare me enough...and the nurses I work with say that no one is prepared, that you don't learn what you really need to know in school. All of what you need to know and what you will be doing you learn while your hands on working and the confidence will come. You have to make sure you tell yourself that you can do it and you will. There are times I see the most seasoned nurses mess up or don't have a successful stick. I think it just happens to the best but you have to remain confident.
  4. east2010

    CNA, EKG, and PHLEBOTOMY Certification

    I am a patient care tech, as well as a CNA. I work in the emergency department. All of my duties are exactly what you listed above. Except Im also on the trauma team. So when a code comes in, Im running. Anyway, here a CNA can't do the same thing a PCT can. It was 2 different certifications.
  5. east2010

    Scheduling Help.. A&P???

    I am currently taking micro and a&p II right now. I have A's in both so far. Also a mom to 4. Totally can do both
  6. east2010

    Registered Nursing or Sonography?!?

    I, to, struggled with this. I think theres dirty work involved with both. Doing ultrasounds, you might be in the situation of having to clean someone up. And I think ultrasound is almost as invasive as a nurse. Do you know where the probe can enter? I just think your heart has to be in 100% either way you go. I think it takes a very compassionate and empathetic to be a nurse. Instead of thinking...ill I dont wanna clean someones feces off of them.... you have to think....I gotta hurry and get this off of them b/c tgey have got to be so uncomfortable.
  7. east2010

    Please don't judge me...I need advice please.

    I to did the same mistake when I was younger. Now almost 10 years later I'm paying for it. Fortunately, I have brought my gpa up to almost a 3.0, although I will never be able to get them off my transcript. My collge takes everyone though. So everyone and anyone (like me) gets a chance at their dream. Thank God! There are schools that will still accept you. Make sure to work really hard on your pre-reqs. Good luck to you
  8. east2010

    LPN or RN program?

    Thanks for replying. The LPN program is 2 semesters and the RN is 4. If I do the LPN program, when I finished I would have to go back on the waitlist for the RN program which is about a year wait. Then it would take another 2 semesters of clinicals to graduate the RN program.
  9. east2010

    Delaware Tech nursing courses online?

    It takes 4 semesters full time day program
  10. east2010

    LPN or RN program?

    I am on a wait list for RN and LPN program at a cc. Last week I was told that I wouldn't start clinicals until fall 2012 for the RN program but...that I could start PN program fall 2011. The only thing about PN program is you get dropped of RN list if you take that clinical seat. I don't know what to do because I dont want to settle but I also don't want to attend college the rest of my life either. What would you do?