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I have my ADN and I am about to sign up for classes to get my BSN and I see other classes offer ADN to MSN programs and I wonder which I should tackle? Any suggestions?... Read More

  1. by   Ultraposh
    Hey PMFB-RN I find your comment interesting because I just saw someone mention it is possible to bypass bsn and go from rn-msn in 2 years. I thought well heck it will will take 12-18 months for bsn so why not go the rn-and-msn route. I am planning on applying to CRNA school and I thought the same thing you said. Maybe this would be excellent but Im not sure since I want to go to CRNA school... I haven't received my critical care experience yet and I need to be a rn to do that. Its hard to find a hospital job without a bachelors in my area. I just started Excelsiors lpn-rn program. So im in a dilemma whether or not to potentially start my critical care experience and higher pay by the end of this year when I finish the and or wait 2.5- 3 years before I can get that experience or higher pay. Something I have to think hard about. Since its a "bypass" there probably wouldn't be a middle obtain your bsn on the way then huh?

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  2. by   mmc51264
    There are a lot of schools that do RN-MSN. There are 3 or 4 here in NC that do it. I am pretty sure they are seated classes though. I am doing an online RN-BSN. I have a BS and an MA in other fields. I just want to be done with school LOL. I do know that many schools are phasing out the FNP and requiring DNP so a bachelors is pretty much required.
  3. by   Jcat117
    I'm actually in this same situation as well. I'm about to finish with the ADN program, and I already have a bachelors. My ultimate goal is FNP, but I'd like to work as a floor nurse for awhile. At the same time, I want to be done with school and have the program done while I continue to work as a floor nurse for awhile. A friend told me that they won't hire me as a floor nurse because I'm an MSN nurse, and they don't think I'm serious about staying long. I do want to stay for a long time actually. I just need to finish all my schooling as soon as I can as well. Anyone else ever heard of this?