Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

  1. Hi! Is anyone else applying to BHCC's Spring 2019 program? I sent in the application already and will be taking the TEAS tomorrow. I was originally trying to go to an Accelerated BSN program since I already have a bachelors degree, and I got in, but this option was more cost effective and practical for my family.
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  3. by   BellaChanel
    I applied but a little nervous because my AP1 grade is only a C+. The admission advisor told me that the competitiveness of the program varies from semester to semester. So I was wondering how many people applied for spring 2019
  4. by   berlindaxoxo
    I applied to Bunker Hill ASN Program Spring 2019. Hopefully we will hear back by the end of the month. Please update if you hear anything at all!
  5. by   BellaChanel
    Admissions emailed me back and told me we would have answers mid November!
  6. by   berlindaxoxo
    I really hope that we find out sooner than mid-November because at the information session, they said that orientation for the nursing program is in November. The other threads that I have read from last year, people found out around the last week of October. I'm hoping it's the same for us.
  7. by   ap6290
    I also applied for Spring 2019. I am anxious about my chances of getting in as well- at the August nursing info session there were a ton of people and it seemed that they were expecting significantly more applicants this year. Also, with Quincy College's nursing program shut down, there's one less ADN program for people to apply to. I really hope we find out the last week of October!
  8. by   heartdesirex
    I applied for Spring '19. I called a few days ago about the admission process, they told me decisions would be made in the next 4 weeks. I am also hoping we would all find out the last week of Oct. Good luck to all, )
  9. by   berlindaxoxo
    What is everyone's gpa and teas score?
  10. by   ap6290
    MY GPA for pre-reqs is 3.84, TEAS 86.7%. The only co-req I have taken so far is A&P II, I wish I had time to take another co-req or two before applying. How about you guys?

    From the looks of the comments from last year's applicants, they found out on 10/25, maybe we'll get lucky and find out tomorrow as well
  11. by   berlindaxoxo
    My GPA is 3.8 and my teas exam was 68%. I emailed the director of the program she should we should know later than the first week of November. That would be amazing if we find out tomorrow! Definitely keep us updated if anything changes at all!
  12. by   ap6290
    Did anyone here take their pre-reqs at Bunker Hill? I didn't so I'm not sure how this works, but reading posts from years prior, people see a change in their myBHCC account saying they were accepted before letters or emails even went out. Just wondering if anyone had noticed anything like that. When you guys called, did they say if the nursing admissions committee had met yet? The suspense is killing me!
  13. by   BellaChanel
    Any answers?
  14. by   ap6290
    Nope... anyone else??