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  1. mezhome

    Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

    Accepted! I'm doing the alternative program. I would have liked to do day but the alternative option works better for my family
  2. mezhome

    Bunker Hill ADN Spring 2019

    I took pre-reqs through BHCC but my application status is still "applied". My pre-reqs through BHCC are 4.0 but I have a few others from elsewhere that probably make it a 3.7 or 3.8 total. I got a 92.7% on the TEAS. Anxious to hear back! I'm kind of confused about what takes so long since they just input it into a spreadsheet and calculate based on points. Hopefully we hear soon!
  3. Hi! Is anyone else applying to BHCC's Spring 2019 program? I sent in the application already and will be taking the TEAS tomorrow. I was originally trying to go to an Accelerated BSN program since I already have a bachelors degree, and I got in, but this option was more cost effective and practical for my family.

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