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I am an RN with an ADN. I have been researching my education options. CRNA school requires a BSN (or for some schools a BS). Except for applying to CRNA school I can't see any reason to get a BSN.... Read More

  1. by   justme1972
    I'm looking at NP programs (I'm an ADN student now). The reason I am choosing to get my BSN first, is that the RN to MSN requirements are much heavier and inconsistent than if you come in BSN prepared.

    Also, some of these MSN programs require you to get a certain score on the GRE's mid-program, and if you can't get "the score" during the summer, then you are dropped from the program..who wants that kind of pressure?

    I would rather get my BSN, take my GRE's, and know I have the right score before I apply.
  2. by   BBFRN
    Quote from PMFB-RN

    *** I understand. What I am wondering is would a nurse with an MSN not be qualified for those "BSN preferred" jobs? If not then why not do RN to MSN instead on RN to BSN?
    Well, you have a very good point there. In my case, it was a matter of convenience. The BSN program I'm in is only 1 day a week FT. The RN-MSN programs had screwy schedules, and it looked like I would only be able to skip 1 semester.