1. I'm currently at a community college that offers an ADN and I'm just starting my pre-requisites but I was wondering what route I should take. Should I pursue an ADN first and BSN after or jump into BSN program?

    Is it harder to get into the nursing programs without an associates degree in southern California?
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  3. by   akulahawkRN
    If you can manage it, I would recommend doing a BSN program. I wasn't able to and there are jobs that I am not qualified for locally because I do not have a BSN. I do have an allied healthcare Bachelors, and am very highly educated as a healthcare provider, but as far as being an RN, since I have only an ADN, I'm not able to apply for jobs in certain facilities, nor do I have preference for jobs in others.

    When I started down this path quite a few years ago, there was no open avenue for me to take that would lead to BSN because I already had earned a Bachelors degree. Hopefully you will be able to take advantage of your situation and go for BSN if you can. You'll learn tons with an ADN, but the BSN will open more doors.
  4. by   RunBabyRN
    I agree, if you CAN pursue your BSN, do it. You can find home health or long term care work with your ADN, but fewer and fewer hospitals will consider nurses without a BSN, especially the bigger hospitals like Cedars Sinai.
  5. by   naydinemarie
    Thank you! I've decided to pursue a BSN.
  6. by   caliotter3
    You will save time, money, and effort by going straight for the BSN. Easier to deal with now, than down the road, when you are already working or have family responsibilities.
  7. by   Nienna Celebrindal
    Good choice, especially if you live in So Cal, that job market for new grads is very tough and hospitals pick BSN over ADN because they can!

    Find yourself a student nurse job after your first year of nursing school and you'll be set!