A.S. vs. B.S. in Nursing

  1. Okay I'm attending a Community College right now and originally I was going to transfer over to a 4year University to get my B.S. in Nursing. However due to the expense of money and a boyfriend that has come into my life. I am considering just staying at the Community College and getting my A.S. in Nursing. I just wanted advice on anyone out there if that is a good choice? If there is a difference in the way I'm treated when I get a job or difference in pay? I want to get by B.S. at some point so my new plan is to get my A.S. then go back and get by B.S. later in life. Any advice on whether it's a good idea would be most helpful. Thank you soo much!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi! Good luck to you in all that you do.

    There is an interesting thread regarding pay here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f283/hi...ds-174106.html

    Both BSN and ADN nurses begin at the bedside on equal footing and essentially make the same amount of money.

    You will not be treated any differently by anyone because you have an AS rather than a BSN because your title will be the same: Registered Nurse.

    So if it makes sense to get your ASN because it's cheaper and fits your lifestyle, then go for it. You're young and can always do like I'm doing an RN to BSN and complete your degree. Most hospitals will help pay for it, if not pay for it all.