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Regis College Online FNP Program Fall 2020


Specializes in ER, critical care, PACU, fertility, school nursing. Has 10 years experience.

Hey guys! I was just accepted into Regis College online FNP program. I was wondering if anyone else on here were also accepted or applying. Let’s get through NP school together!!

BostonRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER, critical care, PACU, fertility, school nursing. Has 10 years experience.

Very soon..the end of August 2020.

I also am starting this fall 2020!

I think this school spend more on aggressive enrollment than they actually spend to ensure that students have a memorable experience. I’ve been asking myself how I ended up in this school ever since the program started. Very inconsiderate program. They are aware that most of their students work full time and probably take more than 1 course per semester. Yet, there are numerous assignments, discussions and quizzes every week. Even the most brilliant student may have difficulty coping. Their clinical rotation semester is worse! You are expected to spend at least 24hrs (3 days) in an outpatient clinic, no hospital or 12hr option (acute care rotation isn’t allowed). Also, you are expected to still participate in discussions, assignments and quizzes and of course you are taking a final exam which takes about 1hr. Sometimes you have multiple assignments in the exam week, exam week should at least be free for studying. This program is awfulllll to say the least. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what they are getting into because their curriculum is sort of private and they don’t really give you an in-depth explanation of what you are getting into. Even while in the program, you struggle to understand how things work because you tend to get generic answers when you inquire.

They have some very mean professors too, some of the professors don’t grade objectively. Some are actually good. Do your research before enrolling, their enrollment is easy and getting into the program is super easy but staying in the program is nerve wrecking. All the best though!

BostonRN, BSN, RN

Specializes in ER, critical care, PACU, fertility, school nursing. Has 10 years experience.

Thanks Kate for the advice. What NP track/speciality did you enroll in? That’s unfortunate that the program is set up that way. I work part time and I have two little ones so any flexibility in the program is very valuable to me. I guess I will hope for the best and make do. Babiphatt I’ll DM you my email in case we ever have questions about the program etc.

Yes it is unfortunate. I hope I don't have the same experience as I also have to work full-time while completing the program. I did switch to the acute care NP Program at regis though. Yes BostonRN, lets keep in touch !

Any more updates on your experience at Regis? 

So I started my first semester and it is not bad at all! I work OT and >50 hours a week with 3 kids and a family and was able to manage getting an A on my first class. It is a lot of essays and diaxussion posts, you just have to plan everything out and stay on top of it. Me and my coworkers all got an A in the class. 

So I think this program is really doable, just that you cannot procrastinate and be on top of your assignments. The assignments aren't hard, just tasky. 

Thanks for responding.  This is helpful.  I have often wondered if I would be able to balance it all.  Thanks Again!

How many classes are you taking per semester?


Awful program. You need to check the graduation rate of this college on Google. 1st semester may be fair. Wait till you start the core courses and your clinical program. If you have kids and you work full-time, this program isn’t for you. You are guaranteed to lose your mind! Imagine having 15 chapters of different textbooks to study (from your instructor), 7 resources to study, weekly quizzes (no study guide), 1or 2 assignments (5-7 pages each), discussions and replies, 24hrs weekly clinical rotation in just one week; every week for 16 weeks! It’s an inconsiderate program. The training is designed for people to drop out as far as I’m concerned. How do you even prepare for your board exam with a syllabus like this. You won’t know this until you start the program.