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Did you get accepted and attend this program? Do you like it?


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I did get accepted- the process took longer than I expected for me to get my acceptance. However, I really like the program and have been learning a lot. I would recommend it. I have not had any issues at all or grievances! The work is hard but if you do the work you can get good grades. It’s not impossible- but challenging.

That is very helpful- I’m considering MSN to DNP PMHNP Spring 2020 but unsure how to begin to narrow scholarly project in first semester?


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For the BSN to DNP program that I’m doing you don’t have to begin the project in the first semester. For admission you do a project proposal- but that is not the actual scholarly project that you end up doing. I am about to finish my first year of Regis College and I will be starting my first DNP scholarly project class in the fall. So you have time to begin classes and get used to the program before you have to begin the project. I’m not sure how different the MSN to DNP is

Ok, it must be different. For me the semester 1 sample plan shows NU 740 Scholarly DNP Project I. If you have any questions/answers that were helpful to you to pass on, that would be great. I wondered about why the first year retention rate on U.S. news seemed low and a different source noted a graduation rate in the mid-sixty. I really feel a pull and want to go to this school.

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I also applied to the online BSN-DNP at Regis. How long did it take you to get an answer? I’m a little nervous about doing full time work with school. How are the core classes with your work? Is it doable? I don’t have any kids but I was thinking of getting a per diem job with the schools work to pay for the tuition. 

also, does Regis help at all with finding preceptors out of state? I know that’s a challenge with online school. Please help! I appreciate all the responses. 

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