Refused UDS, what to do now?

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Recently I was told by HR that I was suspected of diversion due to my med administration numbers were higher than my other peers. I have never been disciplined for anything at work ever. Never been to work impaired or accused of anything of the sort. I didn't not consent to the drug screen because I knew I would be positive for thc from a recent delta 8 gummy that I had taken. I absolutely did not take any meds from the facility. My thought was a suspicion would be better than an absolute positive test for tsh. I was told I would be removed from the schedule until further notice. I have since then reach out to my supervisor without any response. I emailed my resignation to avoid the termination mark on my resume. Did I make the right decision? And where do I go from here? I have anxiety like never before and can't even bring myself to eat! 

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PsychRNXXX said:

You can be fired for refusing the test at most places. Depends by state. And it's almost like a positive automatically. The facility could report you to the board for whatever they wanted. But if you were positive for THC and it's not legal where you are and allowed at the facility then they can report you for that. So it's like being screwed either way. 

I don't know what either of those things are??

If it were me and I knew I was going to be positive for something I think I'd refuse to test and hope for the best. Drug court is testing etc to avoid jail hpmp is the monitoring agreement in VA

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