I am graduating in may and have started applying for jobs in orange county. is it better to have an employee referral? and how would i find someone to refer me if i dont know someone? or should i not try to find someone if i dont know anyone?



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I found in hospitals, if you know an employee it helps you get in quicker. Think, think, who do you know where you want to work and if you don't know anyone is there somewhere that may not be your first choice but does have someone you know that works there?

Also, while doing clinicals, did you introduce yourself to the floor manager and get to know them? If so, ask if you can use them as a referral. Sometimes, it is not HR where you want to start but the manager of the floor you wish to work.


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im going to school in missouri but i will be moving back home to california so i didnt do any clinicals at hospitals i am applying for. ill have to look for people that may be able to give me a referral. i know a few people at hospitals there so thats good but i dont know anyone at my top choice


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maybe you can try to "network" via ? good luck :)


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o thanks i had no idea there was a site like that out there

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