Reduction of noise level during night time


How do you keep the noise level down on your unit at night time so that patient can get enough sleep? Have you implemented any measures to do so? I am interested in knowing what worked for you? Thanks for your help

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Keeping our voices low at the nurses station. Clustering care. We do baby vitals at 1am , I would love to get that changed.

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They floors I have been a patient on at one hospital would make a little announcement. They would offer headphones, earplugs and sleep masks.


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I worked at a former LTC unit where the residents complained that they couldn't sleep at night because the nursing staff was making too much noise-mostly laughing and giggling at night at the nurses station. Management asked the nursing staff to please be quieter at night since the patients were complaining. Nursing staff refused to quiet down at night and so the complaints continued. I was shocked that they wouldn't quiet down. I couldn't believe that they could be so selfish and self centered.

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White noise for the patients. Because the staff has to make noise to a degree in order to communicate and do their jobs.


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