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Please share some creative ways you have recruited that you believe work better than the traditional ads and open houses.

I have created positions such as 24 hours Supervising and 16 hours Charge Nurse to get a hard to fill position filled.

What works for you?


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Question - what does a 24 hour Supervising position entail? That 24 hour business would frighten me off unless you've described more info.

3 8 hour shifts as a Supervisor and 2 8 hour shifts as a Charge Nurse

CapeCodMermaid, RN

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We were extremely staff challenged this summer...3 nurses out on maternity leave (don't drink the water) and 4 LPNs who all went back to school to be RNs. We tried an open house, Craigslist ads, website applications. We hired one new grad from a local RN program...honestly we all bent over backward to make her orientation wonderful and make her feel welcome. The next week, 2 more women from her class came to apply, the week after, 3 more and today 2 more. I've filled all the slots! They all know each other so they don't feel so alone.

Do you have a local nursing school? Call the dean and ask if you can post your positions on their web site or at least give them your info for them to post.


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To OP - Even you providing your answer still didn't clear up your post to me. Duh ... All of a sudden the bell rang ... Got it now.

I was thinking how could someone work 24 hours??

Handslap to forehead! :arghh:

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Thank you CC. I just hired a Nursing Student as a C.N.A. I have thought about doing what you are saying. I will get on that.

AmoLucia.....that is quite okay :)