Recommended prep materials for Excelsior exams?


Hi, I am a MI LPN who recently received a promotion and am required to obtain my RN. I think Excelsior will work well for me as I am a terrible classroom student but a good test taker. My question is whether to purchase prep modules form College Network or Chancellors as some co-workers have or just utilize study guides and suggested texts from Excelsior directly? I was also on the phone with Excelsior gathering some info and was told beginning Jan 2014 they will have nursing courses offered as a degree pathway as well. Anybody have other info on that?


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I used the college network study guides for all of the nursing exams and prereqs. They contain all the material needed to pass the tests. I got As and Bs on all the tests using just the TCN modules. However, they cost me about $5K. Now that I'm preparing for the CPNE I wish I had the fundamentals of nursing textbook instead of the study guides. If you have the money to spend, TCN is great. Otherwise, I would suggest just buying the books EC recommends along with the EC practice tests.

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I only used the outline and practice test from EC. I made all A's and graduated in 9 months. I just graduated with my BSN also. Several of my friends said they felt ripped off by College network. You must be willing to read a large amount of material, study and make notes. Really if you take the study guide EC provides with each course and make 2-3 sentence notes on each bullet point as you read you will be fine. The practice test helped me get the feel of the test given at the end. For the LS-1-2-3 I input a picture of a patient onto a word doc, wrote out the dX given on the study guide. I then wrote main facts about the illness and the meds, labs and s/s to know, what on that pt I could and would delegate & to whom. I wrote when to call the doctor. It sounds dumb but I did all three LS courses in 6 weeks with A's. When I took the test I saw the pics of "my" patients and all the info! Blessings as you study. EC is wonderful.

if you really want college network or some other ripoff publishing company, then just buy the binders off ebay. personally I recommend studygroup101. I used those and the excelsior practice exams. Home