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Hey all, I have been reading alot on here and have seen many encouraging words from different people. I have taken and failed the boards. Its been over a week or so and I am struggling to find a way to get back into the flow of studying. Everytime I look at any questions whether in the book or on the kaplan or ncsbn websites I get highly discouraged. I am looking for some tips and some ways that people who have failed have used to get back into the flow of studying also for some study tips. I have this axious feeling every time i simply look at nclex style questions. I was never a good test taker, finished school with a 3.5 gpa but I always struggled for the tests. Anything anyone can say is much appreciated and I am welcome to hearing anything and everything. Thank you

I understand your situation, I myself failed NCLEX twice and is waiting for the result this 3rd time. At the first 2 times I did not study and pay attention much on it because I didn't need career but now I have to because I have to be the head of family as of now so I got a lot of pressure to do it this time. I don't know what word to say to you and make you are up on your feet. My advise would be find your goal in your life and pursue it. You passed years of nursing school and I know for the fact that is not easy and it took a lot to pass and you passed it (with an amazing GPA too). You have come so far and your are right at the end and you just need to break that gate so what will take you to open that gate to see what is on the other side. Well I wish you the best ;) Get that license! I know we will :)

I too failed the first time so I understand the feeling! First thing first realize that it is not the end of the world. I took a week off to get my head together and try to relax. And then for the next 5 wks, everyday except for one I did Hurst remediation review and Kaplan. Hurst helped with understanding content Kaplan helped with test strategies and NCLEX style questions. It does get tiring and frustrating but Everytime I would feel like giving up I prayed. I prayed every night, many times throughout the Day for knowledge, confidence, courage and anything else I needed to conquer NCLEX. Throughout the entire thing the only thing I had to hold on to was my faith ! When I retook last week I hid the question number so if I went over 75 I wouldn't get anxiety, I took breaks whenever I needed it and just prayed. Happy to say I passed the second time so it can be done. Just keep pushing! Dont give up!

Specializes in ER, Oncology.

Thank you guys, I appreciate the encouragement. I know it's not easy, but it is definitely something that can be done, after all there are a bunch of nurses out there in this world. Thanks for posting and making me feel better about the situation, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who went thru a situation like this.

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