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Recent NCLEX-RN California Test Takers?

I just paid for my NCLEX-RN at Pearson Vue 3 days ago and applied to the BRN 3 weeks ago. Still no ATT!

For those of you who recently took NCLEX in California, would you mind sharing how long it took to get your application processed and receive your ATT?

Also, once you receive your ATT, what's the soonest you were able to schedule NCLEX?

Thanks! :)

I can not remember exactly the steps but I received a letter in the mail from BRN, this letter was NOT my att. However I signed up with Pearson Vue thinking that the letter I received in the mail was my ATT, but by the time it got to a screen that asked me for my ATT number, I realized the letter was not my ATT and the letter had no number provided for me to continue on with registering. I also had to sign up with Pearson Vue using my email address.

I checked my email about 5 minutes later after registering an account with Pearson Vue and they provided me with an ATT through my email (this was immediately after I signed up with Pearson Vue). It was a really weird process. :o

For any other interested California RN applicants, I just wanted to post an update and say that I finally received my ATT yesterday. So, in total, it took about 6 weeks for the BRN to issue my ATT once they received my application.


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