Is it ever ok to reapply to a position? About a month ago I applied to a position...the application was rejected right interview. A month later, the job posting is still there. Is it OK to reapply?

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I don't see why not, especially when a lot of the replies seem to be auto-rejections or something. I applied for every opening at one facility. I got an auto reply back for a floor that would be easy for me to transition to since I have past hospital LPN experience. I then got a phone call from the recruiter for a higher acuity unit requesting an interview. Well, the job profile had said "days" but there were no "days" available. However, I was open to work in any unit to get myself in the door, and then bridge later down the road. The position I got the auto reject email from, I got the job offer for it and accepted.

Try to find out how to get in touch with the nurse recruiter. This may be possible by calling HR or sometimes they will even post it with the job board description. By having someone that you can email your resume and cover letter to, as well as giving them a brief introduction of who you are, where you graduated (assuming a school with a good reputation), and what you would like to offer that facility as a nurse helps trigger a call back. If you haven't heard back from the email in a couple days and you have a phone number, call and f/u on your email. I did this after getting my RN and had 4 interviews scheduled the following week. It never hurts to try. The worst they could say is no thank you.


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Thank you for your reply! It was very informative, I'll definitely try that on monday. Thanks!