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I desperate for help on the boards. Ive been out of school for almost 9 yrs now Ive been studying on and off for 6 months, but now its getting down to the wire my test date is August 29..I need a lot of help and guidance on what to do and how to study...any advice is helpful. I have Saunders 5th edition, Mary ann hogan, Exam cram, q trainers, and kaplan strat 2012-2013..

Hi Studyinghard,I haven't taken my exam yet but from what you have listed, it sounds like you have more than enough materials to study from. Mostly everyone I know and people here on this site have mentioned how really good Saunders is. I just got the 4th edition a couple days ago from the library. I did the initial assessment and got a 73% on it. What I didn't discover until just today was that a study calendar was generated based on my results. Its a 6 week calendar broken down by subjects and chapters with two days off for rest. I love this idea. Since I don't have a test yet, I'm going to follow the calendar exactly.Why not try doing this? You can read the content for each chapter. Then do questions only for that chapter from the Saunders cd and maybe you can do questions from Hogan's book as well but try to keep the content the same. Then maybe two weeks before your exam do q trainers questions and then exam cram the week before your test. Also, when you're answering the questions, make sure you are using the strategies from Kaplan strategies, to answer the questions. Oh and don't forget to read over all rationales, including the ones you answered correctly! That's a big one. Most importantly, pray. I think that is so important. Today is July 7th. Your test is August 29th. You still have plenty of time. You can do this! I have faith in you. Keep us updated on how you're doing with your studying. Okay?

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Hi Studyinghard,

I just took my NCLEX and passed and my two study books I live by are Hogans and Lippincotts. I loved Lippincotts because it had a lot of questions as well as chapter reviews and a CD with 1000 plus questions in each area and some to download to an Ipod. Hope this helps:nurse:

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