Really frustrated- I need some insight

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I got lucky and landed a job at a great LTCF/rehab center within two weeks of earning my STNA license. Well, I went to orientation on Tuesday of this week, and lo and behold, since I haven't been a resident of my current state for 5 years or more, I have to do a FBI background check. The scheduling/hiring manager tells me I can't work on the floor until it comes back clean. This can take anywhere from 7-30 days supposedly. What does this mean for me, do you think? Will they give my job away? Technically I'm already hired and will be paid for the orientation day. I also got my badge, door passwords, etc. They are also paying for the background check. I am just so irritated about this stumbling block. Sometimes I wonder if something, anything, in my life will ever go smoothly.

BTW, the check will come back clean. The hiring manger said she would see what she could do and get back to me. ARGGHHHH I just want to get back to work!:confused:

If they already oriented you, etc, they will NOT give your job away. THey wouldn't pay for the check at all if they weren't going to keep you! Hopefully it won't take long - ours usually just take a few days. Don't stress!

If you don't have a record it comes back fairly quick unless someone with the same name as you has a record then it could take a bit longer.

I had to get one done for a volunteer position and the guy said it will take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to process. I got it back in the mail within 4 business days after I went.

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My background check cleared in about 3 days.. and I'm sure they won't give your job away if they're spending money on your background check :) They should call you back good luck!

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I had to be fingerprinted too.. didn't take too long, but they wouldn't pay for it if they didn't give you the job.. just be patient :)

Thanks for the encouragement, guys! I talked to the staffing manager this morning, and she told me they had not received the check back yet, but that she will call me as soon as they do and get me on the schedule. Now it's just a waiting game, I guess. :yeah:

So I guess I feel lots better!

shouldnt take too long...!!

Another update- I am working this weekend. It took exactly a week for the check to come back! Thanks for the encouragement, all! I suppose I will be back to vent...LOL!

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