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Really concerned about retake in 2 weeks... advice?

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I am retaking the NCLEX-RN in 2 weeks and am having an AWFUL time studying these last few weeks. For my 2nd time around I bought the comprehensive online Kaplan class (as suggested from a fellow RN who failed her first time as well). I found out in the beginning of March that I'm pregnant and have horrible fatigue right now. I'm lucky to stay awake and concentrate long enough to take 50 questions quizzes and up with no better than a 60% since I started using the Kaplan. Today I took a question trainer quiz (100questions) and only scored a 46%... at this point I'm wondering if I should reschedule my NCLEX-RN???? anyone have any advice on this?? I'm at a loss right now...

me today --->:bluecry1::cry:

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If you feel that an extra three or four weeks to prepare is necessary, then go ahead and reschedule. You need to do what you think is best to optimize your chance at success. Fatigue from pregnancy is a valid reason to take into consideration. However, I would not postpone more than once, unless you plan to push it off until after the delivery, which I'm not certain you can do. Good luck with the exam and with your pregnancy.

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